About our fundraising opportunity


What do we offer?  A natural artesian premium alkaline bottled water and the option of using our website to place orders that will be delivered to your establishment at the end of the term agreement.  Our familyspringswater.com website and social media platform will advertise your Cause and display your coupon code for customers to see before they make a purchase donating to your cause.  Every order we receive with your Organization coupon code attached will be tallied up at the end of the agreement term.  Your Organization will receive $5 for every customer that uses the coupon code.  Participants who wish to pickup with the fundraising organization can place the order online for either a case or a 5-Gallon select “pickup” and receive their goods at the specified location.

What do we do?  At the end of the agreed term, Family Springs will deliver the ordered amount of water either 16.9oz (500mL) of 24 bottles and/or 5-Gallon jugs along with additional merchandise included to the address of the location listed for delivery.

It is the responsibility of the customer to pick items up from the location specified.  The best thing about our online feature is that while you may be local, you are not limited to your local area.  We will deliver water at the date/time specified in the agreement as well as other areas where Family Springs is sold and delivered, which can expand your market of who can  participate by entering in the promo code.

In order to participate there is a $50 setup fee that goes with services (setup fee is waived for Family Springs Members), includes advertising, marketing and promotional campaigns toward informational content and support of the fundraiser.

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