Family Springs Natural Artesian Alkaline Bottled Water

No need to lead you to the spring we’ll bring it to you! Guaranteed freshness directly from the source. It’s the closest to Mother Nature you can safely drink. 

5 Gal Water Bottle

Serving People & Solving Problems

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We are more than a bottled water company we are the solution to acidic problems.

About Family Springs

Our company was founded in 2017

Family Springs is a conscious community of people that have come together like a family to unite under their common belief in the one thing that flows in us, through us, gives us life, and has the power to connect us all…WATER. We have created a brand that allows us to deliver this message and share this belief throughout our communities. Our objective is to provide a much healthier solution to acidic and “tap” drinking water while creating a way of living more aligned with the way Mother Nature intended.

Full Control
Organic Composition
Micron Filtration
Quality certificates

22 Reasons to Stay Hydrated

  1. A major transport system of the body.
  2. Increases the effectiveness of red blood cells oxygen capacity.
  3. Water generates electrical charges through the cells membrane
  4. Carries metabolic gasses such as carbon dioxide to the lungs.
  5. Removes the acidic toxins produced by cellular metabolism to the liver and kidneys to be filtered out the body.
  6. Protects and prevents DNA damage.
  7. Reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes by keeping the blood from sticking together.
  8. Breaks down macronutrients allowing for cellular absorption.
  9. Food with no water content has no energy value because it lacks the nutrients and minerals supplied by water.
  10. Provides energy for the brain as it carries electrolytes which are Alkaline salts for the brain functionality and stimulation.
  11. Water helps muscles to grow and reduce recovery time.
  12. Acts as a lubricant for joints preventing arthritis and back pain.
  1. Keeps constant blood flow through the passageways preventing arterial blockage.
  2. Water in necessary for the production of all hormones within the body including melatonin.
  3. Helps with the production of hydrochloric acid for food digestion.
  4. Drinking water helps to lose weight.
  5. Reduces the effects of aging.
  6. Reduces the effects of heart attacks.
  7. Helps with nausea during pregnancy.
  8. A dehydrated brain can cause memory loss.
  9. Water helps to keep the hair healthy from the roots up.
  10. Water molecules release energy when the body temperature heats.
  11. Acts as a shock absorbent feeling in spaces of the spinal disc.
  12. Boost the immune system.

There is no water reserve within the body. So you get out what you put in!

Pick Up & Delivery Service

  • Flat Rate Local Delivery
  • Deliveries Mon-Wed-Fri
  • Free Local Pick Up

Experience the clean crisp taste of natural artesian alkaline bottled spring water. Delivered from the source to your door or schedule a pick up from a local water hub.

We no longer ship but guess who? Here's a list of other black brand water sources that do. Search for one near you!
What inside

Mineral composition (7.8 pH)


0.57 gr/gal


1.110 gr/gal

Sodium Chloride

20-25 gr/gal

Potassium Sulphate

0.116 gr/gal


~46 mg/dm3

Organic Matter

0.275 gr

Carbonic Acid in Bicarbonates

7.14 gr/gal

Calcium Carbonate

6.749 gr/gal


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