Water – a universal solvent colorless, transparent liquid that possesses internal energy and is also a medium for exchange.

Economics – a social science that analyzes the production, distribution and consumption of wealth through goods and services. It’s discipline involves how individuals, businesses, governments and nations make decisions on how to allocate resources.

Waternomics is the science of water and economics combined and how their intercourse affects human health, nature and all living organisms on the planet from the movement of energy through our ecosystem. 

Basic fields of study include: Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Engineering, Physics

Water influences the healthy balance of our body, our environment, our planet and economic system. By using water natural ability to be a universal solvent of life we look to use it as a solution for world problems addressing acidic and toxic conditions that plague social environments through neutralizing and diluting  acidity in a fight for balance.

Organize – Connect – Build


Organisms are in the business to support the growth and development of life as a whole within the environment and its body. There are many functional, operational systems that depend on water throughout every plane of existence and based on our knowledge of water and its relationship with other organisms inside our body and our outside environment we can solve many problems we face as a community, as a culture and as a civilization. We need to establish a co-operative system… a symbiosis network of communication which is essential for the balance of health and wellness. Waternomics is about using water as a solution to solve many of life’s problems we face with health issues, economic failures and environmental disasters. By using water principles to explain the movement of energy through water in our environment into our body and through our business Family Springs. We will provide alternative principles within our business structure to connect, organize and build so we can establish a group cooperative economic system that will better support the balance between business, community, people, and our environment. Water is used to balance life within every plan of existence and if we apply these principles we can have a well spent life on earth as it is in the heavens. After all water is the connection between the two worlds.



Atoms are the smallest unit of matter with a positive core made of protons and equal amount neutrons which are neutral. The outside shell consist of an negative electron that orbits around the center of the atom and through the movement, sharing and experience of the electron is what defines so much of our life.

We are all atoms that began neutral and is connected to our environment and based on our shared encounters shapes our perception of our field of reality.  Every atom and molecule emits and absorbs light of characteristic wavelengths. Based on the atom or a person’s shared experience can create the potential for us as atoms to vibrate high energy waves which is constructive interference or low energy waves which is destructive interference which affects our overall electrical energy to what we will attract or repel from us. In order to understand more on us as atoms experience read  Water Bonds of Life Intro.

Molecules are monomers that forms small groups with similar molecules to form large groups like polymers. Molecules are mostly organic in nature meaning they contain carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and other minor elements.  An electrically neutral group of two or more atoms that possess potential energy stored within the relationship of its bond. Water is a molecule formed through a covalent bond with oxygen and a pair of hydrogen atoms sharing an electron which gives you a water molecule. If you understand the nature of covalent bonds than we learn more about our relationship with others… read more at Water Bonds of Life.

Macromolecule are a large number of molecules joined together through many covalent bonded structures. It starts with one… an atoms – molecules – polymers that forms a macromolecule structures such as proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and nucleic acids.

When we are able to share and e- xperience there is energy stored in the relationship of that bond. Because energy cannot be created or destroyed it transfers through the group of bonds. At which finds the similarities or differences or strengths or weakness from the use of an electron and uses them to build a lasting relationships. Shared experiences is energy stored in the memory that passes through water giving your future its history.


Organism – (Person)

Organ System Purpose – Growth & Development (Homeostasis)


Problem: Self identity is important but Individual selfish mindsets adds unnecessary stress on self and family as a group. No one is a self made anything! We are all made up of so many functional operating pieces (molecules) inside us and around us. We tend to think of self preservation first but when we do it  reduces us to the smallest unit of matter which is the atom. Think with a group mentality the group grows stronger (magnetism) if we think as an individual it is a reductionist form of thinking and takes away from the group.


Organism – An Individual entity or host made to support growth and development of life.  

Organ System – A group of organ structures that work together to perform one or more function within the organism body.

Organs – are a collection of tissues joined in a structural unit to serve a common function.

Tissues – are family of cells that are grouped together with the same similar structures that functions as a unit.

Cells –  is the smallest basic unit structure of life and is responsible for all life functional operational processes, transactions and transitions.


Organism – (Community)

Organ System Purpose – Circulate Resources


Problem: There can be many different types of nonprofits located within the same or neighboring community but the problem is they often compete for the same dollar within that same community. Because they often run fundraiser campaigns (products and services) in the same circles it’s usually the same people supporting or its hard to get recurring support on a continuous basis. The amount of currency drawn in can water down diluting the effectiveness of all their resources to obtain their mission’s goals. 


Organs – (Business) water movement is created through a series of hydrogen bonds which is when the positive side of the hydrogen atom on the water molecule is pulled to the negative side of the oxygen atom of another water molecule which makes them extremely polar because they are are highly electronegative between the two atoms. 

Tissues – (Community) Cohesion defines waters ability to stick together with other like molecules of water which makes it hard to seperate.

Cells – (People) A molecule of water is formed through a covalent bond which means that the oxygen and (2) hydrogens both share the need for an electron making it a very polar bond. The willingness to work together and coexist can create a strong and lasting bond. 


Solution: Hydrogen bonds are weaker bonds than the covalent bonds that forms a water molecule but this allows solutes to be dissolved in it turning water from a solvent to a solution. At times a weakness on one end can bring forth the strength of another. Everyone has a weakness but by being transparent and working together and sharing resources can help participating parties to reach their goal with less stress.

Through these opportunities we offer a solution to the community: Affiliate Products, Memberships, Subscriptions, Points & Rewards, Merchandise. Each membership category is different and within the membership categories you will find the cohesiveness of water working sticking together to function as one. Active Memberships, Non Profit Memberships, Water Hub Memberships


Organism – (Family Springs)

Organ System Purpose – Provide Resources (FamilySpringswater.com)


Problem: It is becoming increasingly expensive to create, manufacture, produce, distribute and deliver a product to a customer. Nowadays there are so many unknown variables that a business owner has to calculate before they go to market and even know if they are going to have a successful product with licensing, regulations and restrictions, rising prices from industry manufactures due to demand shortages or gas prices. How can we hope for a future generation of dreamers and creators when it becomes too expensive to even dream of starting your own business?


Organs – (Resource Distribution) water transports information and resources to support the growth and development of living organisms in order to sustain and maintain a healthy and balanced life. We provide products and information through these resources… Bottled water, Follow the Drip, Education, Family Business

Tissues – (Categories) Water is a universal solvent because it is a polar molecule that allows most solutes to be dissolved in it making it a solution to resolving many of life’s problems. Our categories consist of… Affiliate products, Memberships, Merchandise, Points & Rewards, Subscriptions and Water

Cells – (Products & Services) water stores nutrients and minerals in plants, fruits and vegetables to be delivered to us so that we can stay connected to our environment the way God The Creator intended so we store products from our affiliates who utilizes our quality and brand to produce their products. On our website you will find such products, discounts and gifts available from our partners, affiliates and sponsors. Follow the Drip and check them out also at Points & Rewards, Gift Cards, and Affiliate products.

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