Our health depends on maintaining a delicate balance of pH between our body and the environment it dwells in.

Proper balance is a major contributor to our ability to truly be happy, healthy and stress free. In addition to providing bottled water via our local delivery service, Family Springs also takes great pride in our mission of educating schools, communities, and organizations about the awesome power of water.

It’s amazing ability to support a healthy life is determined by access, which we are honored to be providers of such a crucial element.

We cannot emphasize enough about the true health benefits of water and how it is essential to our overall mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Family Springs is a conscious community of people that have come together like family to unite under their common belief in the one thing that flows in us, through us, gives us life and has the power to connect us all…WATER.

We have created a brand that allows us to deliver this message and share this belief throughout our communities. Our objective is to provide a much healthier solution to acidic and “tap” drinking water while creating a way of living more aligned with the way Mother Nature intended.

Because water is and will be part of all our lives forever, we offer opportunities for those seeking to share in the spreading our premium water brand.

We offer fundraising and retail distribution of our natural resource, as it is a true necessity and a valuable commodity that needs to be more accessible. Water belongs to us all and we should all share in the prosperity of the marvelous benefits it provides.

Family Springs delivers natural artesian alkaline bottled water throughout the DMV area (DC, Maryland, Virginia) and provides shipping of 24 pack 16.9 oz BPA free bottles nationwide.

Our company was founded in 2017
Family Springs natural artesian alkaline water is ideal for drinking, cooking, sports and recreation.
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What inside

Mineral composition


0.57 gr/gal

Calcium is a pH stabilizer because of its ability to buffer acidity.


1.110 gr/gal

Magnesium helps with muscle, nerve and energy production.

Sodium Chloride

20-25 gr/gal

Chloride regulates the flow of fluid inside and outside the cell helping to creating balance.

Potassium Sulphate

0.116 gr/gal

Potassium Sulfate forms alkaline salts that helps with the regulation of the body’s water within the cell. 

Organic Matter

0.275 gr

Organic Matter plays a major role in the movement of nutrients within any environment and plays a role in water retention.

Carbonic Acid in Bicarbonates

7.14 gr/gal

Carbonic acid helps to move carbon dioxide  within the blood.

Calcium Carbonate

6.749 gr/gal

Calcium Carbonate acts as an antacid and assist with dietary movement.


How we extract water

From the mountains to your mouth freshness. Taste it..We provide premium water and professional service.

We offer premium water from the source to your home, office, restaurants, non-profit organizations, religious organizations, schools, nursing homes, birthday parties, funerals baby showers, weddings, sports etc. or any other local SMALL business you can think of.

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