Water treatment is of the utmost importance because how our water is treated ultimately determines how our customer feels.  The process of Family Springs water starts out at the bottling facility in Berkeley Springs WV.  This is where the process begins with the treatment of water in stages from the double filtration of the water using a 1-micron filter to remove any particles or debris.  Then it is followed up by a 0.20-micron filter to remove any further particles from the water.

The next stage is where it gets hot and heavy with UV water treatment.  The  Ultraviolet water purification is the most effective method for disinfecting bacteria from the water.  Without adding the use of chlorine and other chemicals the UV light process kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses that may be present in the water.  UV treatment of water does not alter the water chemically and the only thing being added through this process is energy from the light source.

Then finally the ozonation process for sterilization of our bottled water.   This process is an extremely efficient disinfectant of water as it deactivates known bacterias and viruses with little contact time and leaves no chemical residue because ozone undergoes a natural decomposition in water.  Ozone prevents the re-growth of micro-organisms and is also environmentally friendly.

In order to have safe clean bottled drinking water, it must first be properly pretreated before the disinfection/sterilization process begins. Pretreatment consist of properly filtering out and removing any sediment, debris, silt or sand. If these particles are not removed properly they can cause byproducts of the disinfection which may leave behind food for pathogenic organisms to grow. Sterilization stage comes last and as they say in baseball “bats clean up” on harmful pathogens left on base.

This process gives Family Springs water that odor free, clean, crisp, fresh taste and the closest to Mother Nature you can safely drink.

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