Acidity is a pH level ranging from 0-6.9 and can be the cause of all chronic pain and disease. Acidity and Toxicity happen through an exchange of oxygen through the metabolic process. Our body needs to burn food for fuel and this happens through our metabolism. Oxygen is needed to start a fire and keep it burning and so does our body. Oxygen combines with elements or substances cause the breakdown of vitamins and minerals to provide nutrients our cell body needs. When we exhale the carbon dioxide is the by-product of this exchange which is similar to the fuel intake and exhaust transaction of a car. There is a continuous exchange of gases going on between the air, earth, and water and has a natural effect on the aging process of all things this is called oxidation. Oxidation happens through the loss of electrons and reduction happens through the gain of electrons. This action is part of the decomposition and deterioration process. (also see fulvic acid)