Hydration Can Solve Most of Life’s Greatest Health Problems

Water Regulates All Functions of the Body

Conditions of dehydration: Stress, fatigue, dark yellow colored urine, memory loss, constipation.

How did we get here? (What’s the cause) Perception of thirst decreases with age, caffeinated drinks, mental and physical stresses, normal metabolic functions, medications, perspiration.

Water effects our life in so many ways.  Our body is in constant contact with water and its influential to how we grow and develop throughout our lives.  We can recognize water in three stages of life.  First as a fetus within the amniotic fluid being mostly water which provides protection and nutrients to the baby.  Next, there is the growth and development of cells up to age 25 which uses the solvent to expand and support the internal organs that are composed of water.  And lastly the final stage is when our bodies began to age our perception of water begins to decrease.  Cells decrease in size overtime due to ratio of water inside cell to outside the cell.

Water has life giving and life sustaining qualities that’s needed within the hydrolytic role in the metabolism processes.  Water is absorbed within the body differently than food because the body processes fluids more easily than solids.  Solids provide a purpose of nourishment to the body with carbohydrates, proteins and fats it is not without water to provide content in everything we are to consume for health or to aid in the breakdown of continents lacking thereof.  Water is needed to aid in the digestion process of food without water solid food will take a toll on our body from the inside out.