The nature of the bond controls the chemical properties and structure of water.  Water molecules are slightly charged on both sides which gives it a high polarity and the ability to chemically bond with anything that has a positive (+) or negative (-) pole which is the main reason it’s a universal solvent that connects all of life. Polarity is one of the 7 Hermetic Principles and states “Everything is dual; everything has a pole or a pair of opposites; opposites are identical in nature but different in degree” which means an angle is still an angle the only thing that makes them different is the degree to which they hold and whether it be 90 degrees or 120 degrees it is a connection of a puzzle to some aspect of life. Being that water holds two polarities makes it adaptable to bond all of life because we all must share the resource so its important to know the source of the connection because it effects our chemical bond.

Based on the principals of polarity it creates a property known as cohesion.  The cohesive force of water means that it prefers to stick to other molecules of water.  Water has thee highest cohesiveness of any non-metallic liquid which means it was made for bonding together with each other. This tightly knit family of molecules forms a hydrogen bond to other molecules creating surface tension.    Water molecules bond strongly to other molecules of water which is why we never see them as a molecule.  This is important because it determines the movement of water.  In theory since we are largely made up of water then the properties and characteristics of water can determine how we as humans should move by design or are influenced to move by control.  Bruce Lee said “Be like water” which means we must first understand the relationship of the bonds and its properties…

The property of cohesion leads to the property of surface tension which is a measure of the difficulty in breaking the surface of a liquid.  Molecules at the surface bonds are tighter than those water molecules below the surface area.  Water molecules move more freely below the surface as they are being pulled in to different directions by the other forces of water molecules that surrounds them.  As for the water molecules exposed to the surface the strength of the bonds are tighter to each other.

This reality is normally seen from the surface and at the surface the tighter we become to those who see what we see at the same point of view.  On the surface we see a reflection of ourselves and we ultimately want other to see the same on the surface which determines our bond but water is much deeper then that.  Light travels through water and sends messages of information that is received by our brain through our eyes.  Our eyes are made of water and that aqueous solution  has a lot to do with how we receive and interpret information being sent.  Two people can see and read the same thing but find different meanings in a subject of matter.  The rays of light brings forth alternating points of views based on how the light enters through the surface of water.  Light can either be reflected at the surface or refracted below which gives multiple interpretations as to how information is transcribed especially dealing with the spiritual or religious aspects of life.  When we see the same point of view it draws us closer at the surface to form a tighter bond.  Scattered light is refracted underneath the surface of water because light is perceived at different angles do to the movement of the molecules.  Surface information can persuade a belief or a decision as to how a group reacts or moves.  People are lead to believe… and those who lead inspire others to follow by understanding of the surface details.  Our beliefs are based on surface details because we chose to adhere to certain principles or theories without our own in-depth knowledge and research.  And even with our own research, we must understand that knowledge is circumstantial because its based off the source of where the information came from that determines the level of experience in the matter.

Surface details can inspire the movement by creating surface tension where everyone is tight and ready to join forces with one another. I am not big on politics but an example of the rule would be… Do you agree with President Trump in office?  I’m lead to believe that a large portion of people would move on in the same direction of no.  Perception determines our reality so how water perceives the light through the surface brings a different perception.  In Robert Greene’s book The 48 Laws of Power: Law 6 Court attention at all cost, Law 21 Play a sucker to catch a sucker – seem dumber than your mark and Law 39 Stir up waters to catch a fish.  Some of the tactics may seem juvenile and unconventional but our Creator has a much larger plan for the future.In this case I believe it galvanized the strength of the people with most people seeing the same common issues to be a problem.  In many cases the political points of views and religions can leave the people spread out in different directions to form separate opinions based on how they adhere to the facts of the surface details presented.  Which is how clicks of people form organizational groups to get the support of the people to back a cause and justify a reason like going to war.  Water adhere very tightly to one another on the surface based on what its exposed to so if you can get one molecule of water to move it is a strong possibility to get other molecules of water to move because surface tension creates capillary action which is the term used when water climbs up a straw or tube.  The narrower the tube the higher it climbs and also leads to the effects of how water moves through our “capillaries” in our body.

Water is sticky do to its chemical nature and may not always be viewed as such do to the constant movement, but just like us its meant for the purpose of bonding.  Adhesion is another property of water whereas it adheres to the surface of a non water like materials.  Its often seen on surfaces like bottles or dishes where the water clings to the side leaving residue known as a water spot.  There are material topics of interest that we adhere to that will dry us out if left alone.  Water carries energy and is a constant transport for the body and all of life so when we separate from the source it  separates from the natural flow of things which can leave us vulnerable if we remain alone and dried up.  Anytime there is separation from the group mentality it also weakens the herd as well energy moves freely in a group just like molecules of water.  But water is meant to be in constant movement so overtime water can collect and gathers in the middle where it finds rest so in do time a puddle can become a pool, and pool turns into a pond and a pond creates a lake sufficient enough to provide sustainable energy and resources for life.

If yet to catch the message trust me in it’s in our bottle of water and its bound to bond, stick or adhere.

Birds of a feather flock together is a such a beautiful phrase because it shows no matter how weak a bond is energy is better reserved in strength of numbers.  Starting as atoms made up of molecules of water we inherit the traits of water like bonding to other substances.  Hydrogen bonds are weak in the since you can pour a glass of water and stop the flow.  Often our bonds to each other are weak and we allow other things to get in between the way of our collective bonds to one another. When a substance is denser and carries a greater polarity than the water it breaks up the hydrogen bonds causing the water molecules to separate from each other known as a hydrophilic substance. Hydrophilic means it can be dissolved by water like in the case of salt which has a greater polarity than the water molecules so the elements separate in the water.  Water molecules surround those charged particles of atoms known as ions with the positive hydrogen side sticking to the chloride side and the sodium side sticking to the negative oxygen side.  Water and salt forms an ionic bond to one another and because of its chemical bond it makes it a conductor for electricity or electrolytes for the body.

The example comparison for water and salt relationship to our humanistic quality is associated with radio and television as they currently posses a greater polarizing effect to influence masses of people.  Currently people become glued to the media for information or entertainment that chemical changes our bonding structure as to how we bond.   As people gather around the tv and radio like molecules of water gather around the salt crystals to dissolve its content.  Our flow of natural currency is redirected to another source we direct our power through.  Salt is a great conductor of electricity because it adds value to our potential energy.  Sugar also dissolves in water but the sugar crystal provides a different bond with water.  This leads to separation if we dissolve contents of any substance.  Depending on the substance of the content determines the chemical structure of the water whether it creates a problem or a solution for the people who represents molecules of water.  The solute is the substance dissolved in water, the polar charge comes from the tv or radio and depending on the substance the content has the electrical power to influence the decision of the hearts and minds of the people.  A substance determines the bond of the chemical structure which in turns creates a chemical effect in life and how to interact with society.

Lastly is the term hydrophobic which means a substance cannot be dissolved in water.  When a substance lacks a polar charge it is non polar and there can be no influence or interference with the hydrogen bonds.  When we don’t give any interest to a particular matter meaning that it doesn’t move us emotionally or physically either way we deny it of our energy and the substance is non polar or a non issue. we possess the power always have

Polarity works like this… we are atoms made from molecules of water that possess energy which is the ability to do work. And because most of our energy is locked up as potential energy we are neutral and anything that has a polar charge has the ability to move us or chemically effect us positively or negatively.  But if we direct the flow and channel our energy we give power to what ever we desire.  Non-polar is a non matter and can care less about the substance of the material trying to divide us.

Together we stand divided we dissolve.