pH is the potential hydrogen in a solution that describes the measurement of voltage in the solution. Our cells are tiny powered batteries that operates on voltage and transmit waves of  electrical currents throughout the body known as energy. A cells pH range is between 7.35 – 7.45 same as the pH of the blood.  When the cell drops below the normal pH level for its environment it becomes more acidic and loses the ability to recharge and regenerate new cells. Low voltage equal a lower vibration and results in a lower frequency allowing for opportunistic bacteria to cause disease. Chronic pain is a signal for an acidic condition around the nerve endings that warns the body of dehydration. Alkaline water provides the surge the body needs to flush out toxins and generate a charge on a cellular level to fight sickness and disease.

I use to believe that green water in a fish tank was killing the fish because the bacterial organisms would overly consume resources of food and decrease the oxygen level in the water causing the fish to die… but I was wrong. What I understand now is that water + light + oxygen = life for all things like bacteria, fungi and algae. These condition breed life to all things giving them the right to exist and multiply. The environment of a fish in a tank will show how our cells work within the human body and how those three major components determines the environmental pH conditions conducive to life on a cellular level.

So water management is what actually determines the death of the fish because the increase levels of ammonia and nitrate that accumulates in the tank from improper filtration lowers the pH level of the water creating an acidic environment. The environmental conditions changes the effects of the fish overtime which slowly causes the fish to age prematurely. Any new fish introduced to an environment condition different from what it was use to rapidly feels the effects ultimately killing the fish.

Our life and our body works much like the fish in the tank. Our inner body is a microcosm of the world around us and the environmental changes can affect us slowly overtime because changes is apart of life we all go through. But how you are introduced to those conditions determines how well you are able to endure. Fish as well as our cells lives in an aqueous environment and whether we think so because we live on land our earth is largely made up of mostly water, there is moisture in the air we breathe to prevent our lungs from drying out and we need copious amounts of water to ensure we do not dry up from the inside out.

Fish in a tank and cells within our bodies are limited in their movement so they must eat and remove waste in the place they rest which eventually changes the environmental conditions of the solution making it more acidic. Because they can not just pick up and move outside that condition freshwater must be added to neutralize the effects creating balance necessary for homeostasis.

Fresh water brings in nutrients, minerals and oxygen into the cells body for it to metabolize and also removes the metabolic waste from the inside of the cell to the outside environment where it awaits for more freshwater to remove it from the surrounding environment of the cell. A great example of this would be eating food in your room and throwing the trash on the ground not to mention relieving your bodily waste without flushing. Over time this outside environment will soon change the inside conditions of the body. Water allows for proper waste removal.

Gut bacteria and cells breaks down protein creating ammonia as a waste product. Our liver and kidneys work together to remove the waste from the body through urine. In order for that to happen effectively we must consume enough freshwater into the body preferably alkaline water to chemically buffer the acidic waste to assist and maintain the proper functioning of the body’s organs. Like fish each organ has its own pH environment necessary for it to live and if the improper amounts of water does not enter the body the function of the organs energy level will decrease causing them to be less effective and efficient in their daily processes.