I want to start this off by saying I am really bad with money and I think it is safe to say that most people in society are bad with money too which is why we have economic cycles that we do. This is largely because we are uneducated about energy, the flow of currency and how it moves through the environment and the body. 

The best way I can make sense out of all this is that “Energy cannot be created or destroyed” this is the first law of thermodynamics, this is universal rule. Our system is made to break down natural organic substances to release energy for fuel to power the body’s engine system and maintain the balance of that system with the environment by keeping the energy moving.

Needless to say improper flow of energy within a system creates a bad mindset which leads to a faulty operating system that governs the body resulting in poor energy flow and production. 

We the people are a cellular microcosm of the earth’s body and we need to be in tune and one with that system… so that we serve and support the earth as a whole collective and with that the earth will supply us with a continuous flow of energy and resources. 

Water is in and is a part of everything and since man can’t hold water pun intended for long periods of time without causing damage to the bladder he or she must release it back into the environment. This is proof that Man can not hold or control the flow of energy because it is too much power to contain. 

Problem: our current system is on a fast food diet which is disturbing the natural flow of energy by creating fiat currency and GMO foods. This imitation source of energy is and will be the downfall of another civilization if we we don’t tend to it now there will be no next generation. The rate of consumption can not support the rate of production which will lead to an over stressed, dehydrated society. The economy acts as the digestive tract to the nation’s body so the choices governed by the brain its government will  produce an acidic byproduct within the society in the form of communicable and non communicable diseases like stress, Cancer, heart disease, Covid, and a host of mental health issues not to mention the auto immune responses to the system like crime and violence against each another. 

I believe our diseases, health issues and violence is directly tied into the economic structure of every nation.  The economic system is the digestive system of the nations body, we the people are cells supporting the digestive tract of the body and society as a whole because it’s a collective group of cells that make up the body. When we all use and believe in fiat money we give our energy to power the system.

 When we all believe in processed food they find ways to make more to pump into our system to feed us so we show our support by consumption of it when we accept it in to our body

Our economy needs to be restored so it must go vegan

In God we Trust for some of us.

If I hold two forms of currency in my hand. One being a spinach leaf and the other a dollar.  Both has stored potential energy but one comes from God and the other was created by Man. The natural flow of energy is constant with God he knows what this earth needs to operate and keep its balance for homeostasis… that’s why water is used to organize, connect and build. It’s a medium to store and move energy.

Energy stored in a leaf can be broken down spontaneously  by nature or by the body digestive system and can be used as fuel. (same goes for any other organic compounds) as for the dollar this is fiat currency which denotes to fake currency which is the same as an artificial food perspective that can not be easily broken down by the body so it has to establish its own set of rules. 

It’s complexity of how it’s used in the economy/body makes it hard to digest for most people because it is a derivative of the real thing… and credit is a derivative of the dollar which makes it even more complexed. Do you want real food or artificial? Money currency is not acceptable everywhere but food and water is…

Playing God is creating energy out of thin air and using it to draw people away from their natural purpose which isn’t lead by money. History repeats because we fail to learn that the rise and fall of every nation is tied to its cultural beliefs, society choices, governmental influences and economic greed of fake currency and natural resources being manipulated for self interest. 

When we create ways to integrate and utilize the flow of energy through a water systems like hydroelectricity from dams and water treatment facilities into our business we become a part of a natural ecosystem and tap into the cycle of life. The only thing is that we must learn not to interfere too much or it will interrupt the cycle but learn to go with the flow of energy. 

Water, electricity and  energy follows the path of least resistance. This is the path to free energy. 

Our consumption gives shows the nation we support what the choices made by the governing mental and what we consume supports our body’s diet. In exchange we trade our community’s immunity for fake energy, an imitation resources and work hard transmuting it into energy which dehydrating our body’s out faster. 

The harder and faster we go we need to consume more water as a resource to keep everything lubricated moving and cool to prevent from over heating. What we are willing to except now as an individual or business we show support to the system we pay for it as a collective. 

The idea of filling your cup first is a self fulfilling goal because you will always need more water because your body is battling dehydration but if you use your cup to help water the garden than you produce crops that yield high water content and that’s how we feed and grow a community, cultivate a mindset and leave something for the next generation. Selfish agenda creates an imbalance somewhere in the universe and because we are all connected it affects the group as a whole in some way.

Everyone has a future and every bill comes due. If you take care of the community the community will grow to take care of you.