Bonds are the most important part of understanding our life in relationships with others and the world.  Bonds are formed through a chemical transaction between two atoms or more and being that we are all organic molecules of atoms sharing an experience on this world, it is important that we understand the nature of that mechanics that brings us together.  We often struggle with our identity because we do not know the nature of our bonds, and the natural chemistry that forms them.  There are many types of bonds and their cause and effects are different based on the chemical transaction that takes place.  These chemical transactions can be the response of how we interact in our relationship to each other.  We often think of water as just a liquid fluid that flows but the molecule of H2O has such a larger role in our life.  The molecule of H2O sticks our DNA structure together, bond us to one another and has the ability to connect us with others across the world.

A baby starts out between 80% – 90% water, then children 70% and as adults it ranges from 60 – 65%.  Once the person becomes elderly it drops drastically to 55% which may explain the brittle bones, wrinkly skin and shortness of memory for some of the elderly not to mention the disconnection with the youth.  When we age our body has less water in it because the perception of water decreases over the time span and can be the cause of the mental and physical fatigue.  Conditions of the brain like dementia and other types of mental health issues such as post traumatic stress syndrome are do to the shrinking of the brain from lack of water.  The brain is 85% water so any loss of water would definitely effect the functionality and connectivity of the neurons in the brain hints-forth the term water-head.

Chronic diseases are the signal for dehydration in the body and when the siren is not attended to or the call not answered, this will cause great problems for anybody.  The importance of how we actually bond with our children and each other is through the connection of water.  Waves are created by energy passing through water and are felt from one being to another.  Water can hold and share many types of expressions and through a better understanding will help us to become even more closer with the elements that exist as a molecule to form bonds of life.

The greatest universal solvent on earth is water…   The greatest solution to many of life’s questions and problems is you guessed it water.

The Creator gave it to us in abundance so that we may have a solution to many of life’s problems we face but because the majority of us only understand the basics of the water we fall victim to the circumstances that surrounds our environment, which effects our chemical make up.  

There’s nothing new under the sun… and yet “Our people will be destroyed for a lack of thirst (knowledge)”.

We must first learn the basis of what it is so we can further understand how something that makes up majority of our world and body controls who we are in society, and our relationships to one another.  The information presented will be about water as we know it and how its chemical bonds shape the health of our mind, body, life and society.

In order for water to become a molecule it takes a special bond between 1 oxygen atom and 2 hydrogen atoms… I know everyone knows this already.  But how this takes place shapes our entire understanding of existence.  See we are all organic molecules of atoms that forms bonds with one another.  An atom wants to fulfill its octet by bonding with another atom to make it complete.  What’s an octet you might ask?  In order to understand the nature of your physical being you must first know something about the level before it.

Before we came to be and know about physiology of who we are we must first know something about the elements on the periodic table.  The chemical transaction of elements forms bonds to build our structure, each element relationship to one another determines the strength or type of bond.  Each element on the chart is trying to transition to the far right side to become a noble gas.  Noble gases are complete elements meaning that they possess a full octet on its outermost shell which stabilizes the structure making it complete in itself.  What it means to be noble is something many of us inspire to become.

For an atom to become stable is the way we look at everlasting life or the certainty of death.  Much like an atom we look for someone to bond with to complete us and make our life easier and with reduced stress levels it is very much possible.  Well, an atom wants to be stable also to operate at a lower energy state to retain its form indefinitely but an unstable atom does not have enough binding energy to hold it’s nucleus/center together ultimately stressing itself out where it will eventually become unbalanced and can be destroyed at anytime and will soon undergo radioactive decay.  This happens to us all when stress overcomes our ability to handle ourselves and we lose ourselves in the balance of everyday life.  So for it to live for eternity it needs stability through a bond that gives it balance.

All atoms have protons, neutrons and electrons.  The atom starts out neutral with an even amount of protons (+) and electron (-).  The protons and neutrons are located in the nucleus which is the center of the atom which holds the density/weight and carries a positive charge because of the number of protons the neutrons do not carry a charge.  The neutralizing charge comes from number of the electrons. Everything begins neutral with the balance.

The electrons orbit around the atom known as an electron orbital shell or valance shell and in order for an atom to become stable it must get to the number of 8 on its outside shell to be whole sort of like a pizza.  This is known as the octet rule whereas electrons want to become a noble gas which has the number of 8 electrons in its outer most shell.  The number 8 represents balance and is the symbol for resurrection, regeneration or a new beginning. It is a sign of infinity and is mentioned numerous times throughout the Bible.  An atom is willing to bond together with another atom for stability and balance and that means they must get to the number of completion being eight.

So how do it connect to water.  There are only 6 electrons in oxygens outer most shell so it combines with a pair of hydrogen atoms because each one of them carry 1 electron a piece to complete a molecule of water through a chemical bond.  Water is a basic building block of life.  Raw materials are bonded together to form a molecule of water and its raw materials are needed in the constructing of a house.  Our reality is that we are all atoms that are looking for someone to bond with to complete our electron shell to feel complete in the grand scheme of things.  Unfortunately at times as humans we only look to bond to the outside orbital shell like the atoms instead of seeking the core or the matter which is the nucleus.  After all we are a microcosm of the universe to which The Creator created for us to share our experience of the world.

Atoms want to make their electron orbitals/house complete by fulfilling what it needs most or what it can do better without.  An atom bonds to make a molecule, a molecule makes macromolecule which forms an organelle that creates a cell then a cells form tissue, tissues make organ, and organs make an organ system and the final stage is an organism living out the human experience.  If we look at our life from the perspective of an atom we would know that we share the same journey of transitioning through our life creating different bonding experiences in search to fulfill our octet to becoming a noble being.

Look at it this way we all start out as an atom with a positive core/center/nucleus and we are to journey across the periodic table on a quest to be noble. The journey begins on the left side of the table which is the electropositive (+) side and the further right we travel the more electronegative (-) the elemental experience becomes. Which means you have to go through the “transition” or transitional metals to obtain noble status.  

As we travel across the elemental periodic table like a role playing video game from left to right through different bonding relationships on a quest to become noble gas our experience is determined by the nature of the bond which shapes our outlook on life and how we feel inside.  Our negative outlook on life is based on negative experiences and negativity is apart of the journey through different bonding relationships.  This brings great value to our transition from the experience of knowing whats negative.  Only through knowing what’s negative gives definition and appreciation to what’s positive.  Contrast defines the art of living.

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