Sickness and disease originate from a source and does not just happen. It usually comes from a series of events. An ideal environment creates a favorable condition that provides life for one organism and death for another. This is an ongoing cycle of life because the very thing that kills us, is doing its job to inhabit life in the world. To decompose, our body sends us back to the earth to provide a useful substance of nutrients to another organism. Our life relies on the pH balance in our bodies. Water bonds together with other elements providing the resources needed for billions of cells throughout the human body. Oxygen, hydrogen, and other nutrients and minerals determine how much energy the cell have in order to operate and function.

We are largely made of oxygen, hydrogen and carbon. Water is the vehicle of choice for the transportation of energy among other living entities to coexist. This is the land of the living, so our cells need to be equipped with proper tools to suppress undesirable organisms from rising to overtake the kingdom. Our cells must work as a family to serve and protect the body. A single cell produces a very low voltage, but with a family of cells united by water, the body creates the power of voltage needed to sustain a healthy life.

Due to language being a lost art, words often lose the context of their meaning. Over time, this can make problems even harder to solve, not knowing the root origins. In order to fully comprehend a problem, it helps to know the origins or intended purpose of the word meaning. The word family is derived from the Latin word famulus or familia which means servant or household of servants. Why is this important? Because a group of like cells are a family of cells that forms an organ which establishes an organ system creating the living organism known as the kingdom of the human body.

All of life has the right to live in abundance and when provided the chance they will do so. Living organisms like bacteria good or bad regulate the order and balance within the body. In biology, the term family is used in part of the (8) taxonomic categories of organisms on earth. Taxonomic is associated with the naming and classifying of organism based on their functioning systems. Taxonomy originates from the Greek word taxis – arrangement / nomia – distribution. The categories start from Species, Genus, Family, Order, Class, Phylum, Kingdom and Domain. Understanding the nature of a system becomes easier to remedy a solution to the system or symptom of a problem.

There are many different types of bacteria that live among us within and without the body. Our job is to maintain the environmental conditions for the good bacteria to live. This is done by keeping our body’s voltage high by supplying nutrients to cells through water in order to operate properly. Fresh water brings oxygen which is beneficial to the electrical charge of the cell to conduct and send electrical currents throughout the body. pH is described as the measurement of voltage in a solution. Solution can be an electron donor or electron stealer.

Voltage in water begins from oxygen being electronegative (-) and hydrogen which is electropositive (+), along with the bonding of other alkaline earth minerals. This provides the flow of electrical currents and connectivity of the other organ systems. This chemical interaction creates a charge for cells to burn energy at a rate to produce and maintain the voltage necessary to keep the bad bacteria dormant.

Bad bacteria can be classified as opportunistic organisms which means when the environmental conditions are met, they go forth and multiply. An acidic condition produced from normal cellular metabolic function is toxic to cells and cause low oxygen levels that lead to low voltage. Low voltage is less connectivity and the inability to raise the frequency.

The different classification of microorganisms is determined by the oxygen requirements of the bacteria. Obligate aerobes needs oxygen, obligate anaerobes without oxygen, facultative anaerobes can switch between favorable conditions, microaerophiles uses minimum amount of oxygen, and aerotolerant organisms are not bothered by oxygen conditions. It takes a cell family to raise the voltage of the body to keep bad bacteria dormant.
No matter the category water plays a role in all aspects of life.